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Reviews of Hagler Heating & Cooling


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Product or service reviewed: HVAC system Maintance

Today Mike came to provide the maintance check our unit. He was very thorough and explained each area that he was servicing. Mike is an outstanding representative for Hagler Heating and Cooling.


Product or service reviewed: Service

I want to thank you for sending Mike Clements out to my house to service my air unit. He was very pleasant, and polite. He was honest, and up front with me about my unit and I really appreciate him very much. Thank you Mike 🙂


Product or service reviewed: Infinity

I wanted to wait to review my experience with Hagler and Carrier until I had my Infinity system for more than a year. For background, the fan on my old heat pump died and I called for repair. After the fan was replaced, my old system needed another Freon recharge; an annual requirement for the past four years. During these services we discussed the current state of HVAC technology and whether I should consider replacing my aging system. No pressure, just info and things to consider. After much study amid promises of quieter operation, lower operating costs, and better comfort available with the Infinity series variable speed compressor and air handler, I decided to upgrade. Summer was coming and my wife's tolerance of heat is low. Another unscheduled outage could cost me several nights’ hotel fees waiting for parts. While I was immediately impressed by the consultations with Chad, the review of my entire system including required plenum changes, would I still be impressed with the promised performance a year later? Happy to report quieter operation, lower costs, and increased comfort were delivered. In fact, savings figures are ahead of schedule and the need to fiddle with the thermostat has decreased due to more even temperatures; better comfort. You always knew when the old system was running. This one is barely audible especially in de-humidify mode. Nest is not supported but the Carrier Wi-Fi thermostat with phone app is a pleasure to use and program. Overall very satisfied with the equipment and even more so with the people at Hagler.


“I just wanted to say thank you for sending Paul up to the house today. He is a super nice guy and did a great job. He is very professional… He’s a good one.”



Mr. Hagler,
Just wanted to let you know how much Toby appreciated the workmanship of Jessie's crew, when they were putting in our heating and air unit. They were polite, respectful of our property, and cleaned up at the end of the day. You are blessed to have such good workers. Your company made the whole process pleasant.
Thank you,


I had a new 25VN8 system W/air handler installed on the 3rd of Sept. My research concluded that one of the most important asspects of getting a new HVAC system is the installation. Joe came to my home and recommended several options for me to choose from. He also recommended a larger heat pump unit based on his inspection of the house and other factors involved and recommend small changes in the duct work. I picked the Carrier 25VN8 unit for the reason of low noise, SEER & variable speed option. Joe and his crew worked as a unit, always seeming confidant and knowlegable in what they were doing. When asked a question, they took the time to explain the answer and make sure I understood. I was particularlly pleased and surprised to notice that they cleaned up as they went from task to task. The installation went without a hitch and everything seems to working great. The unit is so quiet it's hard to even tell it is running (as Joe said it would). Anyway the house is cooler, the unit is quiet and no warm spots inside the house as I had before. I really am pleased with the whole transaction. AND as a selling point: prior to installation I was averaging $5.82 per day, after install I am running $4.05....take that to the bank and smile! Thanks Hagler Heating and Cooling and Joe !


had a uv light installed in my package unit this week and the improvement in the inside air is outstanding. no more nighttime stuffines. cleaner fresher scent thru out the house. installer was neat clean and very professinal